Band: Soch

Song: Kab Tak Sunnon Ga

Vocals by Adnan dhool

Guitars by Rabi Ahmed

Lyrics & Composition by Adnan Dhool & Rabi Ahmed (Soch)

Music Produced by Bilal Saeed

Music Arrangements by Bilal Saeed & Badshah
Flutes by Badshah

Mixed & Mastered at PMR Studio Works

Many of #Pakistan‘s past and present incidents have filled us with #bitterness and the feeling of #helplessness. As much as Pakistan has been trying to put itself on the #world #map as destination with #Pakistani‘s in and around working tirelessly to make it a #happy place, incidents of innocent’s #killings and#terrorist attacks have been dragging Pakistan in the mud.

#Soch‘s “Kab Tak Sunnon Ga” expresses the #emotion of helplessness and the sense of #vulnerability of a common man on incidents like Afia Siddiqi, Ramond Devis, killing of #Sialkotbrothers, #Hazzara Killings and other like these where the acts aimed at forcing the government and civilians to bow to the will of terrorists.
How long will we have to wait until we hear the sounds of#Peace? – Soch

“Kab Tak Sunnon Ga” band version of “Khabar” OST #Chambaili

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