Artists: Adil Omar, G Rocka , Big Juss

Song: The Source

Produced By: G Rocka

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I’ma get it like nobody ever got it
I am every bit the businessman that Prince is still an artist
Power hungry dictator and I’m known to live the largest
I’m known for dropping hits and yo, your city’s still a target
The 50 Cent and Diddy bank is what I’m chasing after
A shark in the water, dressing dapper, aiming atcha
Call it art, call it slaughter, I’m a savage maiming rappers
Ari Gold, Don Draper with a knack to make it happen
– This G rockin’ like Gonzalo Estrada
and there ain’t no peace talk with my Bonnano armada
This is Sparta, but harder and I’m out for the killing
I’m only 21 but got a godly ambition
I rise to the occasion, my insatiable appetite
Ensures that I will rule over the planes in the afterlife
You’re leaving town with your purpose defeated
Tax the apple that you’re eating, call us serpents of Eden
Soul Assassins

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