Anusha hails from a musically-inclined family, and learnt Carnatic music from Smt Meera Nathan. She is collaborating with two Pakistani artist for a song. For more details read the interview 🙂

PMR: In India from where do you belong?
Anusha: I was born in Mumbai and have lived all my life in Mumbai!!

PMR: Have you ever taken the training for singing? If yes, then from whom?
Anusha: Yes, I’ve trained in Carnatic and Hindustani classical. I learnt Carnatic from Smt. Meera Nathan and am learning Hindustani from Sunil borgaonkar Ji who is Ustad Dilshad Khan Sahab’s disciple.

PMR: What is your qualification?
Anusha: I am a graduate in commerce.

PMR: What is music/singing for you?
Anusha: Music is my life. Music is what keeps me happy. Music keeps Me going. It’s my entire existence.

PMR: Do you wanted to become a playback singer?
Anusha: I never wanted to become a playback singer. It all happened by chance but I’ve been singing since childhood.

PMR: What do you like the most about playback singing?
Anusha: The opportunity to work with different musicians who come from different musical backgrounds. It’s also fun because you get to sing for different situations that come about in the film.

PMR: Who introduced you to Bollywood?
Anusha: Well my first musician friend even before I entered the industry was the super talented Amit Trivedi . I’ve known him since my college days and he was not the Amit Trivedi people knew of. He has inspired and pushed me a lot to do well!!

PMR: How was your experience with Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, Amit Trivedi and Vishal Dadlani?
Anusha: Every experience is so different. Amit Trivedi is a very old friend so the equation we share is different. We laugh we joke it’s very chilled out. SEL was a totally different experience. I have a lot of respect for Shankar Ji and singing with him has been a dream come true .I’ve sung a lot of songs for SEL and they are wonderful people to work with. I never met vishal Dadlani when I sang Zara dil ko. It’s only recently that I’ve sung for vishal Shekhar for chennai express and they are some of the most talented ,chilled out, super sweet people to interact with.


PMR: What was your feeling after recording the first track for Bollywood as a playback singer?
Anusha: Obviously I was elated. Couldn’t believe it was all happening and singing my first song for SEL was an icing on the cake.

PMR: With which international artist you want to collaborate with?
Anusha: I absolutely LOVE John Mayer. It’s kinda ridiculous to even expect it to come true but think I’ll get a cardiac arrest if I ever even meet him!!

PMR: How was your experience of working with Ali Zafar on Tere Bin Laden?
Anusha: I actually never got the chance to meet him but I think he’s very talented and versatile.

PMR: What are your views about Coke Studio @ MTV and what is your favorite session from CS?
Anusha: I love the concept of coke studio and I think it’s every musician’s paradise. The creative space you get to see is truly inspiring. My utmost favourite was that of Clinton Cerejo. Apart from that I also loved Karsh kale and Amit trivedi’s episode.

PMR: Have you followed Coke Studio Pakistan? Your Views.
Anusha: I love coke studio Pakistan and I watch the episodes multiple times. It’s hard to choose my favorite artist’ because there are so many. Musicianship in Pakistan is par excellence. I look Upto artists like Shafqat Amanat Ali, Abida Parveen Ji, Arif Lohar, I love Zeb and Haniya and Javed Bashir Ji is my ultimate favourite.

PMR: Do you play any instrument?
Anusha: I used to play the guitar but it’s safe to say am completely out of touch but I do intend to take it up again!!



PMR: Do you love to perform LIVE?
Anusha: Performing live is an amazing experience. It’s so different from a recording. Both are I think very important to experience because they both are equally essential for a musicians growth.

PMR: Which is the most memorable LIVE performance you have given?
Anusha: It’s very hard to choose from so many. Although I love singing for college gigs cause the energy you see there is tremendous.

PMR: With which international artist you would like to share the stage?
Anusha: I stand no where close to his talent but I would absolutely love sharing the stage with Javed Bashir Ji. He’s so gifted yet so humble. It’s inspiring!!

PMR: Whatever work you have done you have been appreciated by music lovers around the globe and your songs stays on charts for a long time. How do you feel about it?
Anusha: It’s very satisfying to get appreciated by people. There is nothing else that matters. People often send me messages on Facebook or Twitter or meet me post gigs saying they love my singing etc. That is enough to keep me going and do better. The entire struggle seems worth it!!

PMR: Who is your major influence to the music?
Anusha: I have influences from everywhere. Starting from my parents and brother who’ve always encouraged me to sing since childhood to colleagues and musicians from all over who I’ve grown up listening to. They all have a contribution.

PMR: What are your upcoming projects?
Anusha: I have a song in Chennai express called Tera Rastaa which is beautifully composed by Vishal Shekhar. Its a duet with Amitabh Bhattacharya who’s also the lyricist of the song. I am very proud of this song. Also coming up is a song called Besharam which is a love ballad with Shaan composed by the very talented duo Sangeet and Siddharth Haldipur from the movie Nasha. Also am working on an independent album which should be out sometime this year.

PMR: Any plans of coming to Pakistan?
Anusha: Not as of now but I would absolutely love to visit Pakistan. I have collaborated with two artists’ Kashan Admani and Alfred DMello from Pakistan for a project which is in the process of getting designed. I had a blast working with them. Hopefully I can come to Pakistan soon.

PMR: Coming towards daily routine, what is the one thing that you usually do after getting free from work?
Anusha: If I’m done with work early then either I am on a long drive with my best friend or am at home watching a few episodes of any of my favorite TV series.


PMR: How do you spend your leisure time?
Anusha: I love hanging out with friends over coffee, writing songs, love watching movies, concerts and TV series, listening to music, I love to run and working out is an important part of my day. There’s a variety of options I have to choose from in my leisure time 🙂

PMR: Do you love to interact with your fans? How do you interact?
Anusha: I love interacting with them. I interact with them on Twitter and Facebook. []

PMR: Your biggest regret in life?
Anusha: I don’t like to regret anything in life. Am a spiritual person and I believe that everything we do in life teaches us something and takes us one step closer to being better human beings. I believe in learning from my mistakes.

PMR: Your Favorite Movie?
Anusha: Hard to choose but I can watch lord of the rings and Star Wars series a million times and not get bored.

PMR: Your favorite artist?
Anusha: There are many artists that inspire me and I respect and look Up to . It would be unfair to choose one.

PMR: Your favorite song?
Anusha: The song that describes the philosophy of my life is Kishore Kumar’s “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge”. It’s tough to call it my only favourite but when am low this song never fails to put things in perspective.

PMR: Any message that you want to give to your fans in Pakistan?
Anusha: I only want to thank everyone for giving me their valuable love and appreciation. It means a lot and makes the journey of my career more beautiful. I’ll surely tell them to not stop 🙂

PMR: How do you see websites in Pakistan promoting international artists?
Anusha: Music is a global phenomenon and I believe – “What Religion Breaks, Music Binds”. Pakistan itself has a sea of talent but it’s even more wonderful when people can look beyond borders and just spread the music. Every one should get to enjoy different kinds of music and only by promoting international artists can that be possible.

Interview by: Ahmed Mujtaba

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