Murad Saeed, a contestant of PTI fot NA-29 (Swat) won by getting 88291 votes. An Environmentalist by profession, to this widely known student of University of Peshawar, realities came up as a total surprise with the movement for the restoration of Judiciary in early 2007 and then as a shock with the emergency imposed in November 2007 by -the then President- Musharaf. Murad decided to materialize his words and aimed to fight for the survival of the hope he have been giving via his speeches. 22nd November 2007 was when he started collecting like-minded students under the flag of ‘INSAF’ in University of Peshawar. The date’ now marked as the Inception Day of Insaf Student Federation. Soon the movement reached every nook and corner of the province.

PTI granted him a ticket for contesting elections on the NA-29 seat. He won by getting 88291 votes. 28 years old, Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf’s candidate Murad Saeed from NA-29 (Swat) has refused to take any kind of security or protocol.
Mr. Murad Saeed stated;

“I am not a thief, not corrupt, not a jilt. I don’t want any kind of security, i will never led my poor people down. Allah almighty will protect me!”

Masha’Allah, this is the change this Nation was waiting for, May Allah almighty protect Murad Saeed!

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