As we all know, many remakes and remixes have been made from past few years many Indian celebs have played roles like *SRK in Remake of DON, Saif Ali Khan in remake of AGENT VINOD and many more to name… But this time there is a twist and turn this time this is not someone from bollywood, she is all the way from Lollywood and she is MEERA who is totally inspired from Meena Kumari and it was her dream when she first step into industry and somehow her dream is seems like going to be full filled. When Tajdar Amrohi son of late director Kamal Amrohi who directed *PAKEEZAH* for the first time in 1972 who is now coming up with the remake of *PAKEEZAH* and when some resources asked Meera about this she said ” Its a divine feeling and i am unable to express it in my words,i am totally in love with Meena Kumariji in that film.* Tajdar Amrohi said: The film is still in conception stage,Meera spoken to me about this film about three years ago,He also said its not easy to create same thing back that was a different time but now things like costumes,sets,dialogue will take more than 20times higher than before…Meera is trying to achieve that name and she is trying to reach the highest level in industry by doing a role of *MEENA KUMARI* in remake of *PAKEEZAH*… All set for her and lets see where she will go this time. keep your fingers crossed


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