Band: Joshish
Song: Ho Subah

JOSHISH released another single called “Ho Subah” on 8th February 2013, which is the newfangled version of their first ever release back in 2007. Considering the response and the demand for the song, they decided to give it away for free. This is the third single from the upcoming album.

Vocals, Lyrics, Composition, Bass and Production, Mixed and mastered by Sameer Rahat | Guitars played and Tones Produced by Shatarchi Hundet | Composition, Drums and Percussions by Shwetang Shankar | Sarangi by Ustad Dilshad Khan | Recorded at JOSHISH in-house Studios, Bhopal and EQ Studios, Mumbai | Artwork by Kokila Bhattacharya.

The Song’s about “coming together” and raging against the dreary shadows of Terrorism, Racism and Corruption looming over the world and hoping for a “New Dawn”. It’s a song for the new generation, dumbfounded by the destruction and ruin around them, trying to find the INDIA they studied in their textbooks back in school, trying to figure out the reason to all this hatred and bloodshed and Waiting for better time

Ho Subah-Joshish artwork

0Sochta rehta hoon, kab hate yeh dhuan,
Dard ke saaye main, pal raha yeh sama,

haan… haan… Ho Subah
haan… haan…

Sarhadein faasle, kab mitenge yahan,
Dil ki deewar se, cheekhti ek dua,

haan… haan… Ho Subah
haan… haan…

Rakht se ashq se, num huee yeh hawa,
Har taraf bas yahan, hai dhuan hee dhuan,

haan… haan… Ho Subah
haan… haan…

Sanson par likh raha, rab ka naam subah-shaam,
Keh rahi hai fiza, sun zara Ho subah,

haan… haan… Ho Subah
haan… haan…

Mushkilein jo mile, tujhe kabhi,
Ghabraana na, tu kabhi…
Dil se jo tu suljhaega,
Har masla phir, ghul jayega,
Ho Subah…Ho Subah

Translation in English

My thoughts provoke me to question when this smoke will abate,
Everything that surrounds me nestles in the bosom of pain,
Let the New Dawn break..

When will we fill these voids and surpass these barriers
Yearns my heart in prayers,
Let the New Dawn break..

My aura drenched in blood and tears
The smoke surrounds all, around all it hovers,
Let the New Dawn break..

Day in day out engraving invocation on my breath,
Murmurs the breeze, it pleads to listen,
Let the New Dawn break..

Fret not when in vain,
For as long as the heart is fervent,
Our issues seem to dissolve, matters don’t matter.

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