A scintillating concert that put many of us awestruck by the only and only Farhan Saeed. Beaconhouse Multan was where this event took place with girls and guys going berserk as Farhan crooned to the hottest and ever-charming songs like Lamhay, Halka Halka Suroor, Khwahishon, Aadat, Sajni Laal Meri Pat, Chaltay Chaltay.


Crowd loved and hummed Pi Jaun with great enthusiasm.. The show was further accompanied with drizzle and breeze that didnt let the crowd say enough and asked for more of the romantic Pi Jaun. It left everyone mesmerized. Yaariyan from Cocktail was the epic number out of all. The performance concuded with the full of fun and patriotic Dil Dil Pakistan.

Live Video Performance From Concert

All in all, the show kept getting more energetic with every passing moment. As we know, Farhan can always pull it off anywhere and anytime magically. Also, we are thankful to the well organized team that put in the hardwork and efforts to make it worthwhile along with the cheerful and lovely crowd. The sessionists too, did a brilliant job. Farhan is a soulful singer. We wish for more of these!

Event Review by Tanishqa Singh

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