Mumbai: As the sixth edition of controversial reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’, hosted by superstar Salman Khan, drew to a close; Urvashi Dholakia, Imam Siddique, Niketan Madhok and Sana Khan were the ones who made it to the grand finale.

Dholakia, a very popular TV actress, best known for her role of Komolika looks like a strong contender to win the show’s 6th season. However, model Niketan Madok also looks likely to be named the winner, leaving little scope for Sana Khan and the infamous Imam Siddique.

Third time host, Salman Khan did not leave a single stone unturned to add that extra spice to the already sizzling hot show. The hunk of an actor was at his wittiest best and his spontaneous acts made a million hearts skip a beat.

Now that the controversies and the drama inside the ‘Bigg Boss 6’ have come to end, we wonder which inmate would end up making the most of the fame garnered after participating in the show.

And if you wonder if a show like ‘Bigg Boss’ can really do wonders to someone, then here’s reminding you of Sunny Leone. Remember how she became an inmate of the house last season and ended up winning a role in ace filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s film ‘Jism 2’?

Nonetheless, the house has played home to a number of controversial figures who have left an indelible impact on the viewer’s minds. And we are sure Dolly Bindra is one such celebrity!

When it comes to noisemakers, the house has already produced a fair few: Imam Siddique, Rajev Paul and Sapna Bhavnani find a special mention.

And it would have been a shock of sorts for most viewers had Mr Siddique ended up becoming the winner. But here’s what actually unfolded in front of the many million viewers of the show; frame by frame!

Read on, re-live the enthusiasm, the rush of adrenaline that the grand finale of ‘Bigg Boss 6’ was instrumental in providing one with!

– The wait is finally over. We now start updating on the status of the ‘Bigg Boss’ Season 6 finale.

– Emotions run high and many friendships have come to an end inside the Bigg Boss house; things have gotten nasty and people have been subjected to a lot of unwanted stuff. But here’s what it all has boiled down to – the one winner – the one who takes the 50 lakh jackpot away tonight. Most people want Imam Siddiqui or Urvashi Dholakia to win the crown. But all we can say right now is that we’re almost there – a short while away from knowing who the winner is!

– Salman Khan ushers in the first performance of the night. The superstar is seen shaking a leg to the ‘Alag Che’ song.

– Salman Khan introduces the last surviving members of the house – the finalists of the show: Imam Siddiqui, Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok and Urvashi Dholakia.

– Salman Khan and Imam Siddiqui exchange compliments; Khan speaks to the contestants. The ‘Dabangg’ stars asks each of the finalists their own opinion about who the winner would be.

– Niketan bets on Urvashi, Sana or himself; Urvashi says Sana.
– Salman asks the finalists to prepare for the first eviction of the night.

– ‘AnyBody Can Dance (ABCD)’ on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss 6’. Prabhu Deva and Remo D’Souza cook up an electrifying performance on the show.

– Salman urges the audience to honour Prabhu Deva and Remo D’Souza with an ear-splitting round of applause, and boy, how the audience obliges!

– Salman, Prabhu Deva and Remo treat the audience to some impromptu dance on the stage! Prabh Deva shows off, yet again, why he’s called the Michael Jackson of India: and he’s dancing to the iconic ‘Muqabla’ now!

– Salman, Prabhu Deva and Remo discuss the latters’ upcoming film, crack a few jokes; meanwhile, keep the spectators glued to the screen.

– Salman can’t stop gushing about Prabh Deva and his capabilities.

– Salman Khan speaks about womanpower… He wants a society which is more sensitive to women. Welcomes Sampat Pal, the ‘Gulabi Gang’ founder, on the stage.

– A medley of women-centric songs being performed on the stage. Rashmi Desai shakes a leg.

– Asha Negi, Rashmi Desai, Pooja, Rati Pandey give a brilliant performance on the stage. Sampat Pal and Salman Khan are all-praises for the performers.

– Salman Khan teases Sampat Pal. Salman can’t stop joking around… leaving the audiences rolling with laughter. Sampat Pal bets on Imam Siddiqui.

– Salman calls Vishal Karwal on stage. The latter performs on ‘Ishq wala love’ with Karishma Kotak. A blast of white and red on the stage!

– Vishal and Karishma’s sizzling prformance leaves Salman Khan speechless with surprise.

– Vishal wants Sana to win the finale, while Karishma places her wishes on her friend Niketan.

– Time for the first eviction.

– Yana Gupta puts the screens on fire with her ‘Aa zara’ from ‘Murder 2’.

– After Yana’s mindblowing performance, Salman is back with his crazy, infectious humour!

– The first eviction: Niketan Madhok has been voted out of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

– Niketan speaks out about his equation with Imam Siddiqui. His brazen attack on Imam: “People like Imam don’t deserve to win the show.”

– Neha Dhupia and Tusshar Kapoor speak about the importance of the show and say that it should go on.

– Kamya Punjabi makes the audience go into peals of laughter on the sets on the show.

– Kamya Punjabi’s candid confession – she’s tongue-tied in front of Salman Khan.

– Urvashi Dholakia and Salman Khan speak about the possibility of the actress winning the award.

– The ‘Fuski Bomb’ Award: And the award goes to… Rajev Paul.

– Gear up for the ‘Popat Award’ – and the award goes to… Aashka Goradia.

– The ‘Short Circuit’ Award: Up next – Imam Siddique wins the trophy.

– The ‘Door Darshan’ Award comes up… Delnaz Irani’s crowned the winner of this one!

– Sana, Urvashi and Imam are the ones left within the house.

– Another performance on the other side of the commercial break… we’re getting closer to knowing who walks away with the crown!

– Meanwhile, Dineshlal Yadav and Sapna Bhavnani perform on ‘Aadat se majboor’ and ‘O Womaniya’.

– Sapna bhavnani wants Imam Siddiqui to win ‘Bigg Boss 6’. Dineshlal Yadav, too, has his heart on Imam; however, he doesn’t think Siddiqui will be able to win.

– Salman asks the spectators to gear up for another surprise. And guess who it is – Emraan Hashmi, to promote his ‘Ek Thi Daayan’, appears on the show!

– Emraan’s kissing skills at the receiving end of jokes; Salman wants a ‘Daayan’ in his life too!

– Emraan Hashmi feels Urvashi Dholakia will win ‘Bigg Boss 6’.

– Ace comedian Kapil Sharma steps on to the stage. A lot of comedy in store, it seems!

– Kapil Sharma unleashes a laugh riot on the sets.

– “Filmein do hi bharose chalti hai – ek bhagwaan bharose, ek Salman bharose!”: Kapil Sharma.

– Sana Khan follows Niketan Madhok; voted out of the house.

– Imam or Urvashi – who will the winner be?

– Salman walks towards the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. Wants to bring Imam and Urvashi out on the stage.

– Salman entertains the survivors to his ‘Pandey ji seeti’.

– On the other side of the commercial break, Salman gets Urvashi and Imam, the surviving contestants on the ‘Bigg Boss’ stage. The actual battle begins now!

– The audience speaks about their personal choices. Imam’s sister, Urvashi’s mother among the ones asked about their preferences.

– And the winner is… Urvashi Dholakia!

– Urvashi Dholakia takes home the jackpot prize of 50 lakhs. And ‘Bigg Boss 6’ leaves people asking for more, undoubtedly! So here’s waiting for the next season, more drama, fun, and yes – Salman!

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