‘X Factor’ reject Man £ 1 fish began his first video Shahid Nazir musicale. Muhammad, now known as 1 pound Fish Man, appeared on ‘Xtra Factor “Sunday night before the release of the song and now his single” Poisson . Pound was mentioned as a competitor refused by the number of Christmas, one for the Official Charts Company William Hill were the first major bookmaker to jump on board with their support: “The £ 1 male fish seems foreign raw number Christmas one and we put the song 33/1 to take the first place, “said spokesman Rupert Adams of William Hill.” to put that in perspective, that is twice as likely to take Justin Bieber first place and four times more likely than Sir Cliff Richard. “After more than 4 million views on YouTube, the song was released and available for less than the cost of one pound fish. Nazir moved to the East End of London, after leaving his native Pakistan and his wife and four children to find a better life for all. Working on a market stall selling fish, Nazir need to call an operator to pass to enter the trade. His song became the substance of (local) legend and a viral sensation: “.. Have a, have a look-a pound of fish very, very good, very, very cheap, a fish book” After a video it was uploaded to YouTube, Nazir has seen accelerated to honor the show “X Factor” and saw his “Fish Song 1 € ‘covered both by superstar producer Timbaland and Alesha Dixon.


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