Famous female show host Jasmin Manzoor has reisgned from Samaa TV. Jasmeen Manzoor was associated with Samaa TV from Match 2010 where he hosted a show ‘Tonight with Jasmeen’. This show was aired from Monday to Thursday at 10:05 PM. Jasmeen tweeted from her official twitter account that “Dear friends just to let you know personally I have reisgend from Samaa ! God bless you all. Jasmeen another tweet was “No other channel ! I raised my voice for the hindu community but my show has been stopped from aring by Pemra and builders mafia !

In November 2012 Sana Bucha left Geo News. Her decision to left Geo News was also revealed by hr tweet. Sana Bucha was host of current affairs show ‘Lekin’ on Geo News. Many Pakistan leading journalist now uses twitter which sometims give info which are interested for people.

Update: Jasmeen Manzoor told that she is not switching channel. She also tweeted that her show is not on-airing because of court’s stay order. Amin lakhani sent his men to threaten me and my office staff, when I rejected them then they forced Samaa TV, she tweeted.



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