MUMBAI: Actor Salman Khan has been delivering back-to-back hits in the Indian film
industry. He says after the failure of his 2010 film, Veer, he makes sure the final cut of any of his films has his approval.

He feels an actor’s involvement in creative processes helps sometimes.

“When I put my foot down, I hope I am not taking advantage of my stardom and that’s a big guilt. Eventually, what the audience first sees is only me in the poster, so I will be held responsible for everything,” Salman said.

“We also have to see that in just being polite, the film doesn’t go for a toss. Aamir Khan does it correctly. Now I have started making it clear right at the beginning too,” he said. “I make sure that the final cut goes with my approval. I started doing this after Veer.”

Salman, who wrote the story for Veer, admits he wasn’t satisfied with the final product that the film turned out to be.

“I was not happy with Veer when they first showed me the film. I cut down the film to one hour and 55 minutes, and eventually they released it as a two hour and 30 minute-film, which is not a done thing,” he said. “They thought they would get away with it; but they didn’t and I was very upset because I wrote its script and I knew it had to be of certain duration.”

“The scale of the film was very large. So one hour and 55 minutes was a perfect length for it,” he added.

Source: Tribune

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