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3rd November 2012 has been the most rocking night in the history of Multan. 1, 2, 3.. Give it up for FARHAN SAEED and we have girls going gaga. It was a rocking concert, with the unforgettable Lamhay as the opening track succeeded by newbies Pi Jaun, Khwahishon, Chaltay Chaltay, Kash Yeh Pal, Aadat and a lot more. The event was hosted by the very handsome and humorous Ali Safina and with two great drummers one at a time, Fahad Khan and Salman Albert, doing an amazing job, it cannot get any better. Oh yes it can, we had Amir Aly, Muhammad Agha and Amir Ajmal on lead, bass and rhythm. A spine chilling and cold November winter evening turned hot, fun and spicy when girls went uncontrollable and screamed crazy!, after all he looked amazing. The crowd didn’t just consist of only girls, but families too who were enthralled with Farhan’s spectacular performance. The organizers and coordinators put in a great deal of effort to make sure everything went of smooth. Multan Public School held Farhans first solo gig in Multan. Prior to this Farhan did a radio talk show with Ali Safina and sang Pi Jaun, when he was on his way to Multan. And All this is worth remembering and it surely was a night to remember! So, the verdict is out.. Be it day or night, dusk or dawn, Farhan Saeed can never go wrong!

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