Artist : Aliha Chaudry
Song : Sanu Ek Pal ( Tribute to Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali )
Directed by Hassan Abbas
Music: Ahsan Pervez

Aliha Chaudry comes with a bang into the music industry.. Young ,fresh tv host and a brand owner who was already making waves in the showbiz industry has once again proven that talent has no boundaries.. She ventures herself into singing and on choosing this field she says ” Music is my heart & soul”  I always wanted to sing, says Aliha.. “was just finding the right time and opportunity to do so and I guess this is it.. Let’s just put this way.. “I came , I saw and I conquered” haha.. Just kidding actually…Well, I guess it’s a long way to go.. Music is a vast field.. There is too much to learn everyday..But, people have given me a lot of love and they have really appreciated my music.. It feels great when your work is appreciated. youre motivated to do even better..So, I guess it’s a beautiful journey and still I’ve a lot to achieve so keeping my fingers crossed sums Aliha..

Aliha Chaudry made her debut song by singing the cover song of Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali’s “Sanu ek pal Chain naa Aave” the song was received so positively by the audience that for several weeks the song was on number 1 charts on different music channels..She is currently focusing on her own songs, fresh new melodies.. She has also done some concerts and performances for tv shows..

Its good to see young people with talents and passion for music and in return this motivation and hardwork brings them positivity in their work…

Well, we wish Aliha Chaudry to make more music for her fans and friends, to grow pakistani industry as we need new comers and motivated musicians to make our country proud.. Also, we want her to sing more songs, more of her own as well, so we can see what new aliha can bring to the music scene.. A big thumbs up for this !!

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