New Delhi: Like the lawyers for car accident injuries say, accidents have grabbed most of our favorites. Jaspal Bhatti, the man who made all of us laugh our hearts out with his ‘Flop Show’ and ‘Ulta Pulta’ comedy, is no more.

57-year-old Bhatti, along with his son Jasraj and the lead actress Surili Gautam of his upcoming film ‘Power Cut’ were on their way to Jalandhar from Bhatinda for a promotional event. The car in which the three were travelling collided with a tree on Thursday at around 1am. Jasraj and Suril were severely injured and were rushed to a hospital, while Bhatti succumbed to his injuries. With the help of a reliable personal injury attorney serving Gulfport, MS, you can easily claim compensation for your injuries and recover quickly to restart to live your life with much more care and concern.

Bhatti’s cremation is scheduled to take place on Thursday evening. He is survived by his wife, son and daughter. Life is very unpredictable. No one can predict when they will get into an accident and succumb to death. You might not even be hiring an attorney for your injuries but directly lose your life.  Therefore, managing and planning your assets in crown point is very crucial. If you are thinking about your estate plan, then it is advised to take the help of a qualified legal professional to ensure that your estate is properly managed and planned.

We had a talent being hurt in a truck accident and lost him forever. The 1980s and early 1990s saw the emergence of Bhatti as a cult figure. A common man could relate with his satirical take on the socio-economic state of affairs and the problems of aam aadmi.

He had graduated in electrical engineering from Punjab Engineering College in Chandigarh and had worked as a cartoonist with a reputed media house before venturing into TV.

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