After his 82 second demolition at the hands of David Price, almost everybody expected Audley Harrison to announce his retirement from the sport and hang up his gloves for good. However, Audley has since revealed that he intends to fight on and have one more crack at trying to win a world title.

Meanwhile, former cricketer Andrew Flintoff is on the verge of taking his first steps into the world of professional boxing. Flintoff makes his pro boxing debut on November 30 in Manchester, against an unknown opponent and a win could set up a fight with fallen hero Audley Harrison.
The buzz around Andrew Flintoff turning to boxing is huge and if he wins his first fight, that buzz will just get bigger. For Audley Harrison, the buzz has well and truly gone and there are not many boxers who will be willing to give him another chance to make a name for himself.

However, should Andrew Flintoff win his fight, a match up with Audley Harrison would produce huge public interest and could be beneficial to both men. Unfortunately though, Flintoff is trained by Barry McGuigan, who knows a thing or two about boxing and is unlikely to put his man in the ring with a seasoned pro so soon.
Would you like to see Audley Harrison fight Andrew Flintoff?

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