Maintaining its legacy after the huge success of Vogue Festino now USB & BDC proudly presents Annual fashion show. Fashion show is one of the signature events of Beaconhouse Defence Campus. But the event in this institution is one of a kind. This event reflects the ideology of the youth of today and acts as platform for the young minds to show their creativity and confidence. BDC Fashion show has gained immense popularity and has opened doors for students to reveal their utmost talents. Nowadays such shows are attracting crowds; the interest in such opportunities has dramatically increased.

Mr Hussain Ali , the Fashion Society President of BDC in an interview to PMR said:

The basic motive behind this event was to continue the legacy of the inaugural fashion show that beaconhouse defence held last year and try to improve it by taking it to the next level by maximizing media coverage and interschool participation.Secondly,our main purpose was to make our fashion show comprise of all the main schools of lahore and give all students a platform to flaunt their talent.We were partly successful in completing our objectives as the winners of the event got rewarded whereas the participants got the exposure and the confidence they needed.
Such extra curricular activities and trends are readily being followed in schools these days so it was very important for BDC to build up upon the innovative idea of fashion shows in schools,that it introduced to a larger and a more public scale.
I think we got a much stronger response than what we expected as it was only a school event so yes,WE WERE ABLE TO ACHIEVE WHAT WAS AIMED

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