You would know that injuries are common in games, if you have a peek here. Now, Shoaib Akhter A.K.A the Rawalpindi Express, met a road accident in the national capital and has unbelievably survived the atrocity with out a single scratch.

Outstanding fast bowler, Shoaib Akhtar was reportedly in a road accident on Sunday, as his car collapsed with cement block present in front of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and National Library on Constitution Avenue. He has filed for a claim for compensation for a fall injury to get back into shape.

According to the authorities, Shoaib’s car was coming from Constitution Avenue towards the Diplomatic Enclave and because of the fast speeding of the car, Shoaib collapsed into a cement block on the road. In the meantime a women present at the time of the accident took the sportsman with her and later on Shoaib had his car removed through a lifter. and if you are wondering What Are the Costs of a DUI in Orlando & Central Florida? you can check out this link.
Now the astounding part, the police is believed not to have lodged the FIR of the incident and allowed Shoaib Akhtar to leave the place. Hey Wait! What about all the talk about equality and what not? So it seems as long as they re making news; these “celebrities” are free to do whatever they want eh? So much for the “democratic” policies, being encouraged in our beloved country.

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