(Interview by Furqan ur Rehman)

Jehangir Aziz Hayat


Hello Jehangir Aziz Hayat, how are you?
Hey! Doing great; enjoying the rain. How are things with you?

Things are great, thank you. Though it’s a little late but still, congratulations on the release of your debut album. Frankly speaking, I really like the album. Anyway this interview is going to be more than just an interview. It will be more like a friendly conversation between both of us. I hope you don’t mind. So let’s begin

So, now that your anticipated album ‘Read between the lines’ has finally released online. How was the post-release response? Has it been doing better or worse than your expectations?

It is elevating to witness a predominantly heavy English album to have captured the little niche it had to work with. I was not entirely sure what I was expecting out of the release of this; its release held more significance to me for having been able to do something I had loved for so many years by illustrating my thoughts than the volume of sales it delivered. I am glad I have accomplished this as there’s one less thing to tick on my to-do list now.

You’ve previously said that your album is about your father. Not long after your album was released, the allegations against your father were proven wrong. Congrats on that and do you somehow feel more proud to have written this album especially after this good news?
Thanks! That was a very special day for the whole family to have finally been able to gain peace to see the ordeal end in the right way. Somehow I always knew it would end one day since the truth can never be suppressed for too long. To have made an album about my father does bring me peace regardless of knowing that everything ended the way it did.

Do you see music as a hobby or a full-time job?
I would always construe music as being one of my hobbies. This has a lot to do with how I was raised where idolizing my father led me to agree with the fact that music would always remain a hobby. It’s strangely liberating to be following in his footsteps and I hope to accomplish as much as he has while retaining honor.

You’re posting a lot of demos after the release of your album. Does this mean that a musician is never fulfilled with what he/she has already made? Also, tell us about the transition to a new sound and this new approach to songwriting?
I think I would have ended up making another album by now had I been blessed with the artistry of a recording engineer. I usually end up making songs whenever I feel where some words would make more sense unspoken; strangely enough, those very words are given a voice once I am done recording a song. Therefore I do not think it’s more to do with being unsatisfied with my previous work but rather with expressing the abundance of thoughts on a suitable medium. It makes me feel understood even if it makes little sense to others.
My new sound took some time to develop. It is definitely a little different than what I had released in “Read Between the Lines.” The inclination to a different dimension of music had a lot to do with finally being able to have established and gained some sort of peace after hearing the news about my father being acquitted honorably in the Supreme Court. During the months to follow, I was able to deal with a few personal demons that had been haunting me for the longest time. I think the combination of both the events led me to formulate a new sound in the past few months.
Music is definitely a never ending voyage; I am sure the evolution would continue for the years to come.

A question from a musician to a musician. Despite of all the constraints faced by you as a new, young and independent musician, you’ve gathered a pretty decent fan base. Is it belief in yourself or just luck that brought you this forward in your voyage?

Belief definitely had a lot to do with where I am today. I always wanted to do something against the grain of society as a child. Somehow I always knew I would achieve this one day regardless of all the phases that might have proven to be an obstacle to that belief. I believe that with a tunneled intent enforced with purity, one is able to achieve anything they desire.

Do you think artists actually manage to reach out to more people with the facility of e-selling?
Definitely! I think marketing online had a lot to do with developing my listener’s base. One is able to target their audience more effectively with the tools provided online and has actually proven to be an easier job to deal with for an independent artist.

Tell us you what you think about www.pakmediarevolution.net

It’s encouraging to see a myriad of music blogging sites to have surfaced over the last few years. Pak Media Revolution and sites alike have helped a lot to amplify a new generation of the musical odyssey taking place today.

When are you planning to release your next album? Is it going to be heavier than this album?
I think I would release the next one during the next summer. I am not sure which musical direction I will be undertaking then. It would depend a lot on what I would have experienced in life by then.

Are you currently working on any other music projects? If yes, then kindly tell us more about them?
I usually get to record a song or two with some friends once I am on my break. The projects I usually work on include “The Judas N’ Fisherman Project” and “Serving Servants.” The former is influenced by metal/punk acts and the other by the Grunge era.

Any advice for the upcoming artists?
Stay true to yourself, the rest will follow.

Thank you Jehangir Aziz Hayat, it was a pleasure talking to you. Just so you know, there are many musicians that look up to you. So keep making the best music as you always do and me and Pakmediarevolution.net wishes you best of luck in your future endeavours.

Thanks a bunch!

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