Photography by Adnan Kandhar

Call & Soch Live at MOSUM’12 LGS JT, Lahore 26 February, 2012

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  1. Dear Dr. Wilson,I am writing you from Austria, a cutnory in the Middle Europe. I had adrenal fatique for many years but I didnt know it and I got the diagnosis Morbus Addison after the Addison crisis last year in November. I am 32 years old. I was used to do sport but it is no more possible due to the medicines I have to take every day.I take 20 mg Hydrocortone in the morning at 8 am plus Astonin H 0,1 mg Fludrocortisone at 8 am plus Euthyrox 75 mg for thyroid glands in the morning (diagnosis Hashimoto thyreoiditis when I was 20 years old) plus 10 mg Hydrocortone at 4 pm. I have a sore throat very often, I catch a cold often. I do not know what should I do to avoid catching a cold, a sore throat. I thing this ist due to the Hydrocortone or what do you thing? I like salt in my dishes, I would say I eat healthy food, drink no coffee, no spirit. My weight is all right but my wish is to be healthy without frequent respiratory diseases as I would like to become a nurse.P.S. i take selenium tab for my thyroid gland every day 200 mg.I would be very grateful if you answer my mail. Maybe you can give me helpful information.Best wishes,Marika Soelkner

  2. نه متاسفانه نظری ندارم در این مورد و بهتره اطلاعات غلط به شما دوست عزیز ندم وبجای راهنمایی مشکلاتت رو بیشتر کنم.

  3. Felicidades por la perseverancia y que sigan tus éxitos.P.S.//¿Alguna vez escuchaste al grupo Hatuchai? eran chapines y muy buenos. Te recomiendo también escuchar a Sammy García, aquel toca solo, en centros comerciales o hasta en el IRTRA de Reu, muy buen quenista, con las zampoñas y tarcas también 🙂

  4. I am expecting in 3 weeks, so this would be amazing!! Funny memory – I used my older sister’s closet wall as a canvas and used to sneak in as a toddler and color to my heart’s content … eventually she realized the extent of my masterpiece and was not happy

  5. Efectivamente, don Rafael, una persona muy contradictoria. Coincido en su calidad literaria, que era capaz de mezclar con gestos como aquél de parar un programa de televisión para preguntar desabridamente cuándo iban a hablar de su última novela, que era a lo que él había ido allí.


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