Beaconhouse National University’s first ever multi-category annual competition; the BNU Bestival 2012. The Bestival is spread over a span of three days and is scheduled to start from 24th February up till 26th February. It promises to be an exceptional, one of a kind experience that the students will not only enjoy but also learn from. It aims to provide a platform for talented amateurs to showcase their latent skills along with promoting student culture.
By arranging such a fest, BNU aspires to live up to its reputation as the first liberal arts University of Pakistan and provide a medium of interaction between the youth that is inevitably the future of this country. With a mélange of competitions to choose from, the Bestival hopes to bring together people with varied tastes and encourage healthy competition in order to stir a spirit of camaraderie between them.Competitions include:

– Short Film
– Battle of the Bands
– Dramatics
– Anti Ad
– Photography
– Debates
– Poetry
– Gaming
– Fashion / Jewelry Designing
– Futsal
– Volley Ball
– Table Tennis
– Journalism

Social Events Include:

– Carnival & Bonfire
– Fashion Show & Concert
– Drama Night & Dinner

Registration Ends 12th February 2012.

For Registrations contact your Institution Administration or visit

For queries:

Noman Khan

Ali Murtaza

Nauman Faruk

Ahmed Khan

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