The film tells the story of a poor family struggling to survive against all odds. The children are represented as a symbol of innocence and hope, while the father is seen as a helpless individual with an empty wallet, who is well aware of the harsh realities of life. Together, they strive on to live, but what does fate have in store for them? Where will this state of poverty take them?

Aamir Khan
Eman Suhail
Rameen Faisal
Rahim Nadeem

Omer Bari

Omer bari

Audio Tech Support:
Ehtasham Sohail

Special Thanks:
Anwa Suhail
Henna Safdar

Production Team:
Wardah Qutub Khan
Wali Zia Khan
Syed Jaffar Raza
Rida Sohail
Farrah Ahmed
Executive Producer:
Wardah Qutub Khan

Director of Photography:
Omer Bari

Editor/Post Production:
Omer Bari

Omer Bari



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