The ‘Tik Tok’ parody should be uploaded on soon. Watch this space.
So we’re clear: The outlandish humor reflects on the disturbed mind of its creator, and NOT the team behind the original TV series. Also, the most obvious dialogues are actually taken from episodes from the show.

Disclaimer: The video contains mild obscenity and innuendo. Please watch the video at your own discretion.
And finally, no copyright infringement intended.

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Cast / Credits [Humsafar.. only it’s not]:

Sundus Jamil as Khirad
Rubya Chaudhry as Sara
Mustafa Ali Khan as Farida
Osman Khalid Butt as Ashar
Haris Shahbaz as Khizar
Special shout-out: Aashir Rayyan Khan & Sardar Junaid Khan

Written & Directed by: Osman Khalid Butt [Yes, even the Tik Tok spoof]

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