Band: Kharaj
Song: Main Kaun Hoon


The rock band from Islamabad, known for its hard hitting impact and electrifying live performance, after their hit singles ‘Tau kiya hua, Najany kiyun, Akaila, Tum Kabhee & Tara Jala (Tribute to Junoon)’, is back with their third music video titled Main Kaun Hoon’.

Genre: Alternative Rock

Band Line-up:

Usman Ahmad Khan [Lead Vocalist/ Guitarist / Lyricist / Composer]
Saqib Nasir [Drummer / Arrangements]
Qaisar Shakeel [Bassist / Arrangements]

DIR/DOP/POST : Shan Azmat
Makeup & Styling: Shan Azmat & Farrukh Azmat
Audio Production: Jonathan Nawaz

Kharaj Fan Page & Website:


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