Article by Rabiyah Malik

Its true that everything has its own time and when that time comes every single person starts getting addicted to it , and then it spreads all over the place The country where we are living is surrounded with such things , you start talking about a topic and the next day everyone gets to know about it.

So hardees a very famous restaurant after the huge sucess in lahore they finaaly opened their chain in Karachi and people are getting crazy about it what is so special about this place which opened few days back in this beautiful city Karachi the food? the enviroment? the queue where you have to wait for hours to get your food? no doubt that the burgers are delicious and that is the reason why Hardees is known as the heaven for the most delicious  burgers with the most crispy fries who doesnt want to have a mouyth watering meal like that

Akcent! a well-known romanian band, Before performing in Pakistan no one as such knew about this band ,there was a minority know really thought that Akcent was an amazing band but after they performed in Karachi people got addicted to it,and now is the time when everyone just love this famous band.This concert was not a routine event, It showed that being Pakistanis we are peaceful people with enormous respect for the art and the artists.This concert gave a new look to Pakistan , It showed that Pakistan is a safe country for foreigners and we welcome and appreciate all type of the talents. There famous songs love stoned , Kylie and not to forget “That’s my name” were played by every single vj’s and rj’s, And now everyone love this famous band.

The game “Angey birds” sure is an addiction you pass one stage and then you want to play it again and again, the cute little birds attract peopple like anything and that is why everyone just cannot stop themselves from playing such a cute game.

The famous Drama “Humsafar” is one drama that girls are crazy about,Is it because of the male actor Ashar who was very nice until some misunderstanding happened between him and his wife Hirad because of Ashar’s evil mother and his so called bestfriend Sarah, whoever you ask these days is busy on saturday night from 8pm till 9pm because they want to watch the drama. Women burn their dinners because of the drama , girls stop studying so that they can watch the drama and this is not the case of Women and girls only even men come back home early from their offices just to watch the drama, funny though but everyone is just addicted to Hamsafar. The tittle song “wo humsafar tha” is sung by every other person you meet.

We are living in a world where people do get addicted to one thing for a certain period of time and after that they find something new and then its all about that new thing. So we cannot regret the fact that a time will come when some peopple who are not addicted to things like that will be among us.

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