Artist: Raza Rizvi
Song: Ali Ali

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Interview: Raza Rizvi on his second album, first one to be launched all over Pakistan:

Q. Tell us something about yourself? Where do you reside?

A. I am Raza Rizvi settled  in Canada representing Pakistan.

Q. How did you get into singing profession? Do you have any other profession apart from singing?

A. I started my singing as a childhood and singing is my passion and hobby. As a part of profession other than singing. I am a business graduate professional and also a graphic and web designer.

Q. Who was your inspiration? What kind of music do you like ?

A. My inspiration is  with the great legends Mehdi  hassan, Madam Noor Jehan, Alamgir and Sajjad Ali. I love pop and Rock.

Q. What are your favorite bands and musicians?

A. Favourite Band is Junoon(Ex) and musicians is Late(Nisar Bazmee ) and  those who know what music is.

Q. What do you think should be the quality of good music?

A. Quality of a good music is to understand what music is to be delivered and how the lyrics were arranged according to the theme.

Q. Tell us something about your album (first and second) ?? Whats the name and how many songs is it carrying? (1st and 2nd album).
A. “O Meri Janna” My debut album and “Sermina or Janam I love You will be the name of my 2nd album. There are several(8) songs in my debut album(released in Canada) and 12 songs will be which was arranged and composed by me except Khayal rakhna which was composed by Azhar Hussain. Music was done by Nadeem Ali (Grandson ofUstad  Bade Ghulam Ali Khan)  My song Ali Ali is a part of my debut album(Canada) and composed by me and written by late Maulana  Kauser Niazi).

Q. What are your expectations from your album?

A. Yes, by the Grace of Almighty, my first album was a mega hit all over Canada and USA. I really appreciate and thank all my fans for giving me such wonderful and fantastic moral support. I hope I will get more great response from my 2nd album in which I am working on.

Q. What is the importance of music video’s for you?

A. I think these days music videos play an important role in singer’s career. Music video give the complete information about the singer that how the singer is, how he performs and how the music video relates to the song.

Q. Which song is closest to the you and why?

A. Ali Ali, Nighaein, Shermina  and Hasratein. These are my favorite and my most closest songs because they represent reality and a little bit of our culture which makes it easier for everyone to understand what Pakistani’s represent.

Q. Who writes lyrics for You?

A. I wrote  and composed all my song myself, whereas   few  of them are  my (late)father  creations, and  a devotional song “ Ali Ali” written by( Late) Moulana kauser Niazi. My 2nd album songs are also written by my Late father and myself but composed myself.

Q. Why was your first album released in Canada and NOT in PAKISTAN?

A. My debut album was released in Canada as I live there. I want to know how my music is done and the response of the album. After the release the response was excellent and my album was a hit in Canada. As my successful first album hit, I decided to release my 2nd album in Pakistan to show everyone that a Pakistani living abroad can have  talent and can represent their country from wherever they’re living. I hope that I will get the same response as I got from Canada for my 2nd album.

Q. What is the difference between your first and the second album?

A. There is no difference between my debut and 2nd album except the lyrics and the songs. My both albums give a traditional and a sweet message of Love and Care for all living kinds.

Q. When are you officially releasing your 2nd album?

A. I have not yet decided when to release my 2nd album but I am in the process completing the album. When I will release my album you’ll definitely get to know.

Q. What is your message for Your Fans?

A. My message is “What ever you want you will get it but just remain focused”.

Q. Future plans of Raza Rizvi?

A.Future plan not yet planned but whenever i’ll plan them you’ll get to know.

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