Artist: Hasan Amin
Song: Zindagi Kahun

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Hasan Amin:
It still looks like a dream when I try to remember the last few months of my life.
Singing was something I always loved doing but was never confident about it. Friends who were close to me always gave me a positive response and encouraged me to sing often and to take it seriously. I never thought of giving it a chance but the destiny travelled me through it. I finally decided to give it a shot. I started off with the music career by forming an underground band keeping myself as the lead singer. Then after a couple of months, I formed another underground band and all together I worked for 3 years in 2 underground bands as the lead singer. For 3 years, we made music which actually groomed us, groomed the talent, the abilities and the skills we had regarding music. In those 3 years we never did any performance, always kept ourselves indulged in jamming to polish ourselves.
About 6 months back, I decided to take a step towards my career as a solo singer. For that reason I went to Lahore and worked on my song ZINDAGI KAHUN with DJ ALI MUSTAFA. The song was released all over the internet and then MR. FAISAL SAIF the director of “5 GHANTEY MEIN 5 CRORE” heard my song and contacted me. He asked me that he wanted to use my song in his film. The offer was very attractive for me as all I needed was a good chance and his offer provided me the chance so I accepted the offer right away.
Then I had to edit my song a little bit according to the story line of the movie and when I gave him the final version, he insanely loved it.
The film “5 GHANTAY MEIN 5 CRORE” casting my song ZINDAGI KAHUN is scheduled to release on January 20th, 2012.
He also gave me the golden opportunity that my song’s music video that I will be making will be the official music video of his film. The music of the film has been released.
The shooting of the song’s official video has been finished and it would be releasing on both, Indian and Pakistani channels very soon.
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