Artist: Syed Yorguc
Song: Berbat Hayat
Details: This is the debut music video of Syed Yorguc. The name “Berbat Hayat” has been carefully selected to ensure a balance between his multicultural Pak / Turk background.
Berbat Hayat means Shattered / Miserable / Awful Life in English and Bikhri Parri Zindagi in Urdu. This is the prelude to his debut album, titled “Ilham”.
Please watch and enjoy.

Artist Info: Syed Yorgucs’ debut album titled ‘Ilham’, or inspiration is all set to rock charts across the globe. Every track is different in nature and comes with it’s very own personality, soulful lyrics paired with his enchanting vocals will surely have the audience yearning for more. Throughout the album it’s pretty evident that Syed Yorguc didn’t wait for an invitation to flex his larynx. With gentle guitar arpeggio’s in the background and a vocal showcase for grace, this album promises to greet the audience with a “pin-drop” intimacy!
The ironic thing about the album is that while the lyrics are incredibly simple and on paper would look like love songs, the way this album has been pronounced doesn’t make it feel like an album that is only talking about love- Syed Yorgucs’ vocal dynamics and the music arrangement put an odd twist on the words.
After listening to the album multiple times, I’m left reaffirmed with the fact that Syed Yorguc can hold his own place in the Pakistani music industry. “Ilham” showcases his talent at singing and songwriting but more importantly, how to translate his passion into great music.
Quoting a line from one of his melodious tracks ‘ sab kuch hai gar tu hai sang..’ which is exactly how he feels about his fans and audience.
We have a premonition (Ilham) that Syed Yorguc will top music charts for many years to come.. do you?

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