JO-G Studio Productions Proudly Presents…
Debut Video of Maheen Ali feat: JO-G
Song: Dil Tera Hogaya
Lyrics, Composition, Music and Mixing by JO-G
Directed by: JO-G & FARHAN NAQVI


Directed by: JO-G and Farhan Naqvi
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Composition, Lyrics, Music, Mixing Mastering by: JO-G
JO-G Studio Production
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Maheen Ali’s International Promoter is JO-G STUDIO PRODUCTIONS
Edit and Post: JO-G Studio by JO-G and Farhan Naqvi
DOP: Rana Kamran
Wardrobe: SK VOGUE
Models: Zaad Yasin(Male) Samra Malik(Female)
Make up: T.T
Co-ordinator: Adnan




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