There are many uprising bands in our country who are working for the welfare of Pakistan media but due to lack of support and cooperation from the public, they remain neglected. But nevertheless, PAK MEDIA REVOLUTION is working hard to ensure that each band gets its right in the industry and get a chance to show up their abilities.So, here comes our two new newly launched bands for the people of Pakistan.

ROOM 101
This is the most awaited band for the people who want to get a change from there boring old artists. This work of art is the first single of Moheet ul Islam (lead vocals and guitar), Wasi ullah (guitarist) and Yasir Abbas (bass manager). As you know this is a rock band and boys do it upto its name!
ROOM 101 is a personal favourite of well known artists around in Pakistan but all it needs is to get into limelight to be delivered to you guys. Band was formed in 2007 but unfortunately due to lack of promotion it was left behind. But after making a hard struggle ROOM 101 showed up with pop mellow genre, their first single-THE GREATEST NIGHT.
This rock band is surely going to give bang to music industry with refreshing beats.The theme of the song is very original with unique melody and song is fun and easy going. The has electro pop and dance pop feel to it and after listening to it I can honestly say that ROOM 101 gives complete different look to the world of music. Greatest Night is full of attitude and fast paced song. Cool beat creates the main smashing sound effect and the background effects are amazingly addictive. It has catchy lyrics with fine melody making teen-factor come in. It would not be wrong to say that ROOM 101 is a must-to-listen-band but all it needs is glamour in PAK MEDIA.
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XXI The Band
XXI is rock metal band which introduces you to new dimensions of music. It allows you to get a brand new look over music industry with genres that can light up your mood. XXI(called 21) is upto date band originating from LUMS, it’s the first band that has ever emerged from this university. The band was released in 2009 and released it’s first single, ‘Dil Ki Baatein’ in October 2010.
XXI comprises of Yahya Farid (vocals), Muhammad Taimoor (guitars), Moheet ul Islam(guitars) and Muhammad Ahmad (Momi) on drums with Ali Mustafa as a Producer. The band believes in reviving the music industry back in Pakistan when it is going through such a hard time giving music a new direction, a direction which Pakistan has never experienced before.
XXI debut song DIL KI BAATEIN is an upbeat track and arguably one of the best on the album with resplendent video. The song is melancholic with special charm and leaving a long lasting effect.
Its moderate paced smooth track with heart touching lyrics. The song has superb theme with electric beats which continues on taking over your mind. Its a perfect mp3 song which can make you tapping your feet with the beat.

CHALO UTHO is next in the list with patriotic gesture.’Chalo Utho’ by XXI was in featuring with Ali hamza from Band Noori and Taimur Rehman from Laal , Well taimur Rehman is also a professor in LUMS, Laal came with song Umeed E Sehar on VIP movements causing harm to PUBLIC. Chalo Utho was made for Flood Victims, to motivate them! On its Video, they got 20 thousand views on youtube , Channels gave them air time which was almost equal to zero. It’s a deeply thought song with beautiful theme and motivgating lyrics. Chalo Utho is soft and mellow song for making people realize the conditon of their countrymen after a natural disaster took over their lives and belongings.

Last song that i would like to mention here is TAARE which was not much a hit and did not get great response. Maybe it was not the right time to release the song. However, loud music takes over soft tunes, vigorous strumming and well aimed drumming. It has a sinister starting, an upbeat chorus and controlled yet rocking guitaring. So if you feel searching for something different then without hesitating go for it!

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The promotion of these bands is only possible by increasing the awareness level in country. NGOs are supposed to organise concerts and full advertisements should be carried out in mega cities to highlight the upcoming stars. Number of distributers in market needs to be increased for quick public response.Just due to non professional attitude of the artists, public is moving away from the music industry of Pakistan. The artists need to change their style by giving new boosting impression in their albums. What these hit bands require is promotion on internet and different television chanels.

Public here wants to listen something different from the routine, something that gives a soothing effect to their busy schedule, something that can calm down their personality or just fire their energy level during party time.Moreover, the video footages of these bands and their songs have been published on youtube and facebook, so you guys can give a look at their great work and presentation.
This is the time when our young generation can show up their talent and speak up for themselves why not through music!

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