Laal On the day that Junoon is releasing its 20th Anniversary album that is composed of various artists performing covers that they have selected from the vast work of Junoon over the last 20 years; Laal has released their cover of Neend Aati Nahin.

Laal’s new twist to this wonderfully romantic song is that it has been sung as a duet between husband and wife (Taimur Rahman & Mahvash Waqar). The genre of this new version is jazz/blues with an exquisite saxophone solo in the middle of the song.

The video is simple, natural and for that reason touching. It is a performance video with a characteristically Laal background. The video has been shot at True Brew Records (a studio run by Jamal Rahman). It is a simple performance video featuring four members of the band. The video has been directed by Taimur Rahman and Lali Khalid, with Asad Haroon on production.

This is Laal’s first love song. They are known for singing exclusively political and social songs. However, the song and album themselves are dedicated to raising funds for girls education through a new movement, of which both Junoon and Laal and many other artists and intellectuals are a part, called Aman, Rozi, Taleem (A.R.T).

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