Model and business women Vaneeza Ahmad Ali is going to organize a three days fashion week for channel Style 360 in Lahore.
Despite being a talented model, Vaneeza Ahmad is a gorgeous entrepreneur as well. She is always on a run in between Islamabad and Karachi to manage her job as CEO of her own brand ‘Vaneeza’. Some of the work keeping her busy is with the lifestyle channel Style 360 for which she is going to do her next project.
Vaneeza Ahmad Ali is going to organize Style 360 Bridal Couture Week in Lahore that will be a three day event with continuous shows and including an exhibition area. While asked about the show Vaneeza Ahmad Ali explained, “The nature of Style 360 Bridal Couture Week as a smorgasbord of everything shadi related. I mean you’ve got everything to do with weddings under one roof — from designers to florists, you name it”.

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