For All the Fans of Rizwan Anwar, the singer has come up with a new track for “KOUNTRY LUV”! Kountry luv is a charismatic love story presenting a colourful contrast of eastern and western cultures and values-systems. It’s a dramatic depiction of love and its capacity to transcend all barriers. Rizwan Anwar was choosen for the title track by the director after an audition. The song has the vocals of Rizwan Anwar and Nini, written by Sibt-e-Haider and composed by Ali Mustafa. When asked from Rizwan, his experience regarding the project, he shared that he found it absolutely great one. One day before recording, He got to know that he is going to sing the song. He put all his energies into it and made it something good for us! The track is just in so check it out and share your views.

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