Curse Of Addiction is a conceptual short film produced by Ardentlone featuring Hadii Hassan. In this short film they haven’t used any words but actions say All of it. The increasing ration of sheesha addicts in Pakistan is really alarming and our youth is continuously being a victim of this curse. We must raise voice and stop this Curse. HELP saving the nation . Save your Youth !

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  1. Sometimes I think God’s pruning of our chctraaer comes through the writing process. Those words, normal, but juxtaposed in a way that brings life or meaning or else probes the depths of its mysteries, somehow works on us as we search, select, and solidify them in our thought. Penning them is art, but tranformative art. It is not presentation. It is re-presentation. Re-presentation of our souls, through which we claim the cleansing of the process itself the release of what we hope not to be, while reaching for the hopes of what we could be. They are re-presentations of another word as well, one more ancient than we, more creative indeed. They re-present the Word who longs to pen life in our hearts, to rewrite our stories even in the midst of struggle and pain. And I, as I write, hope to receive his good grace and be changed. You have been cleansed by the words I have spoken.

  2. Ganesh Kumar : Anna OSM words !!! Those last para really brings clarity to the aspiring film makers who is very confused in bridging the gap between passion and commitment .


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