‘Are you technology addicted?’ by GHUMESA TANVEER

In today’s world technology such as computer, internet, cell phones, television, video games to name a few dominate us and a time comes when no matter what we are in car, in bed, at the dinner table, in classrooms, in gatherings, even in washrooms we must reach out for our favourite gadget regardless. There is something so iressistible about it. Its a compulsion like the itch we have to scratch or the unbearable pain will follow us and before we realize it this habit of using our favourite gadget develops into a full fledged obsession called ‘addiction’.
However, what we apprehend is that this addiction inflicts a negative impact on all areas of our life and affects our physical and mental well being and healthy growth as well. Research suggests that tech addicts are stressed, anti-social, aggressive and share poor family relationships as they do not have enough time to be spent with their family.
A study conducted found out technology addiction is the main source of lack of sleep, blurring vision, headaches and most importantly teenagers are having a disruptive effect on their learning skills, particularly spellings in English language. Students use net to copy material without even reading it at least once, though knowing it is a plagiarism.
In short, the life of a tech addict becomes frantic , frazzled and frenzied.
However, the good news is you can get rid of this mess. Here are a few suggestions that may help you out.
1. To prevent computer addiction, it does not take much to try for sports because they refresh your mind and keep you healthy.
2. Reading a book can also be fun fun as it can be quite a distraction.
3. Creating different types of crafts will surely keep you busy.
4.Take some time out and go for shopping with your beloved ones.
5. Get a cup of coffee as it is a best way to help your mind relaxing.
6. Invite a friend over to your house and call an old friend if possible. I am sure they miss you. Spend time with them and enjoy yourself.
7. Play out with your siblings or help them in doing some home task.
8. Go out to visit some new places in your city. It is great to see the world around you.
9. Change your priorities by preferring to do other important work at first.
In the end, just remember to be patient as getting over your addiction will take time so do not hope for a miracle of change overnight. Technology addiction has been described as worst as drug addiction. So once you have gotten over it, do not also think that you cannot fall back into this technology trap as George Carlin says,` Just cause you have got the monkey of your back doesn’t mean the circus has left the town’. So keep in mind technology is a wonderful thing and helps in making our daily lives easier and gives us many pleasures, but moderate usage is the key, after all our lives and well being is more important than these gadgets we own.
Good Luck!

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