Band: Aaina The Band
Song: Ik Raat Hui

Directed/Dop/Editing : Omer Bari

Sosheel Samuel – Vocalist
Hamza Faruqi – Lead/Rhythm Guitarist
Nigel Bryan – Lead Guitarist
Saul Bhatti – Bassist/Backing Vocalist

Aaina-The Band is a Pakistani pop rock group which hails from the central suburbs of Rawalpindi. The triplet makes use of different elements of genres such as Pop, Rock and Acoustic music. The band is also one of the rare bands to fuse Urdu vocals with modern form of Pop. Aaina-The Band’s original line-up consists of Sosheal Samuel aka ‘Sheal’, Hamza Faruqi and Nigel Brian.Saul Bhatti Joined the band in mid 2011 as the bassist of the band. The band was named after mirror(Aaina in Urdu) in late 2008 by the band members as they felt that the music they will produce would act as a reflection of their persona, sound and imagery towards the listeners.

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