The nations who do not forget their legends live longer. Pakistan lost its legendry music icon renowned as NAZIA HASSAN 11 years back. Nazia Hassan is alive in the hearts of millions of her fans not only in Pakistan but also accross the borders!
Nazia Hassan (April 3, 1965 – August 13, 2000) entered the music field at her early age. She took start as a child star in 1970s and then her melodious vocals for her superhit songs Aap Jesa Koi, Disco Deewanay, Boom Boom, Dum Dum Dede, Dosti, Tali De Thalay, Dil ki Lagi and many such other songs were the source for her for touching the heights of fame and success all over the world. “Sweetheart of Pakistan” Nazia Hassan is still the symbol of grace, sacred beauty and innocence. She is the legend and We pay her tribute for her incomparable contributions to the Music world. May the departed soul rest in eternal peace. Nazia will be remembered forever!

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