Atif aslam, Adnan Sami khan, Rahat Fateh ali khan and the list of talented Pakistani singers with gigantic fan following goes on but have you ever thought why the talented singers of the present Pakistani music industry lacks this?? Why don’t they have such big name though they are way better than some with huge names??
Pressing the rewind button of our music industry we don’t see any star rising after atif aslam and ali zafar why is that?? Don’t we like them or their work?? Or we simple don’t want to treat our selves with the new stuff??
Pakistan has got so much of talent but unfortunately we don’t provide proper channels to them music lover now days are making good music for the youths ways better than ever made in the past but they are not appreciated how much they deserve to be they are treated well in the start till their first song and then simply kicked off giving no platform to them to rise and shine, rather we promote and look for singers and young talents across the boarders whether it be a drama title track or a movie track this trend is clear. We the diamonds under our nose but we simply ignore them well off course
“Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar”
Sad but true.
Apart from blaming the industry and the people a great role is played in this by so called Karachi k haalaat which are never favorable. No grand events are happening in the city due to the present condition and being broad in the entire country whether it is Karachi or Lahore.
Still these days we are seeing names like Bilal Khan, Noman Khalid,Nouman javaid,Q.B, Sanam Marvi and many others who are really doing good wish them all the very best from the entire team of PMR and entire nation.
It’s our responsibility that we must aims at hunting out the talented youths from all across the world and help them achieve their right place in the society and give them their rightful place.
This will be Huge for Pakistani music and may open new doors for the industry and People around the world will be able to see Pakistan’s musical talent


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