kuch Khaas – Company overview !
Kuch Khaas is a not-for-profit social enterprise comprising of a community space for public discourse, the pursuit of knowledge, meaningful entertainment, civic engagement and advocacy in the city of Islamabad.

Kuch Khaas aims to be a leader of social change in Pakistan by becoming a platform for dialogue, learning, cultural enlightment and societal participation.

Our key goals are

• Providing a platform for dialogue, discourse, creative expression, intellectual development and social intervention
• Encouraging interactive intellectual pursuits and education
• Empowering youth to become change-makers
• Raising social awareness and effecting social change through the of promotion of arts, culture and intellectual engagement
• Developing a vibrant community of conscientious citizens
• Supporting the strengthening of democratic principles and institutions in Pakistan
• Stimulating civic involvement in Islamabad’s urban civil society
Latest Performance Shots Of Kuch Khaas. Main performances were by Rap engineers, Ali Sohail & Ahmad Affan.

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