Artist: Zuj
Song: Babu Rao with lyrics

Shot, Chopped & Directed by Saqib Siddiqui
Team ZDS Productions

Composition: Zuj
Studio: S&G Studio (Sarmad Ghafoor)
Manager: Jojo
Contact Details: +92-0301-4417866
Fan Page:

Babu Rao: – This song is about stretching our imaginations to the next level. Envisioning the time of Armageddon and speculating that immorality and greed is going to become the only principle of human kind. Babu Rao is about the last man and woman left on planet earth.
This video depicts the pinnacle of immorality fulfilling apocalyptic prophecies from the sages of all times. Adam and Eve started the human race but the last man and woman standing would not serve as the revivers of human race.
Babu Rao is a discreet concept explained by using contemporary lyrics and choosing punk genre, which makes it even more interesting.

Click Here For Audio and Lyrics

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