Singer: Sohail Haider
OST : Mastana Mahi
song : Palkain kyun num huin
Lyrics , Composed & Sung by : Sohail Haider
Music Arranged by : Sohail Keys
Directed By : Roomi Insha
Produced By : Momina Duraid

Exclusive Interview – Sohail Haider

PMR: What is your Date of Birth, Place of Birth & Zodiac Sign?
28th September, Karachi, Libra

PMR: Your qualification?

PMR: How did you entered to music industry?
After having a hole in my shoes. (Smile on face.)

PMR: Your first performance was with Benjamin Sisters. How were you approached and how did you feel while performing with them?
Ya true, my music teacher, Mr. Niaz Ahmed, was the composer of that song and he chosen me to sing with them, felt really good after watching me on TV with them.

PMR: You had been apart of `Evolution’. How was your experience? Why this band dissolved?
Evolution was the frustrated reaction of three guys who struggled a lot but did not get their goals; I left the band because of my studies and a grudge between other two members.

PMR: You had an extreme long gap after `Evolution’ dis-banded. What made you re-enter the music industry?
As I mentioned earlier that I was studying, so wanted to finish my studies first. I always wanted to do something in music only so it was an easy choice for me to step in music industry again.

PMR: Who is your inspiration in music industry?
Mehdi Hassan and Nusrtat Fateh Ali.

PMR: Who supported you the most in your family?
My mother is the only person supported me in every way.

PMR: Was becoming a singer your dream?
I actually wanted to be a cricketer. I was the captain of Karachi Under-16, but that Parchi System changed my mind. Now I want to do something good in music only.

PMR: As no one is that lucky to get fame over-night. How determine one has to be in the music industry?
Agree no one is that lucky! But your hard work can not be wasted, that`s what I believe in and determined to stay in the music industry.

PMR: It has been seen that as soon debut album is released, an artist looks forward to work across the border. What`s you opinion on this statement and when will we be able to see your work across the border? How necessary is to give your work across border?
It`s really not necessary believe me, but unluckily majority doesn’t take you seriously until you get stamped from across the border but our media can over-come with the situation by not to air their content and promoting our own talent on all the channels. One of my songs ‘Pass Akay’ is in a U.K based movie named’7 Welcome to London’ I gave them the song before releasing my album in Pakistan.

PMR: You have given your vocals to the famous drama `Dastaan’. How was the experience?
It was really one great experience and was my first OST I sang & composed. I still receive bundles of mails and posts of appreciation.

PMR: You are aware of the current situation of the country. How it has affected the music industry?
Country`s situation is worst than music scene; keep fingers crossed every thing will be fine soon InshahAllah .

PMR: What do you have to say about piracy and downloading from the internet? How does it effect an artists diligent work?
I’m not against downloading but piracy we should make sites like I-tune & other paid downloading sites so it can be good for both the artist and the person doesn`t want to go to music store.

PMR: What are your future plans/projects?

Sohail: Well I`m more into OSTs scene now and so many projects are in pipeline. I’m planning to make anther video of a new song and now a days working on audio.

PMR.What impact does PMR makes on you?
PMR is one good platform for both upcoming and established singers they always promote deserving people. PMR team and I are like family and you always feels good in family.

Interview by: Tayyaba Khushi

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