What I really love about Mekaal Hasan Band is that despite the fact Mekaal is a rock and jazz guitar player, he keeps the eastern classical outfit in his songs. One such project is again in the pipeline that will feature an Indian classical singer “Mahua Sen” on the vocals probably in a collaboration with MHB.

Mahua Sen is a visual artist, singer, songwriter, painter and a film maker. She defines her genre as classical/progressive. Though her homeland is New Delhi, India, she came to Lahore on a 2 weeks trip to meet friends and make music with ace Pakistani musicians. “The best thing about Lahore was the generosity of company.. returned back to Delhi after two weeks.. I left a huge part of myself behind” told Sen while expressing her stay at Lahore. On her trip to Pakistan she met Mekaal Hasan and his band, Atif Aslam, Shaan, Haroon Shahid,Shahzad Hameed, drummer Waqar Khan, Zebunnisa Bangash of Zeb and Haniya and Ali Azmat. She is also a great fan of Faiz Ahmad Faiz and made a special visit to his place during her two weeks stay at Lahore. “Faiz is a great poet and his work is as political as profound,” added Sen. On her meeting with the applauded Shaan, she added “Shaan is the biggest filmstar in Pakistan and I had a big crush on him after watching Khuda Kay Liye. A very interesting person and above all, down to earth and knows Urdu poetry rather deeply. He is such a thinking man and I loved him even more after meeting him. It happens rarely that movie stars turn out to be so fantastic.

The recording sessions took place at Digital Fidelity Studios with Kami Paul on drums and the track was brewed under Mekaal’s hands.

During her stay at Lahore, she also jammed with Atif Aslam and Haroon Shahid. We are speculating more tracks from the lady with them. “What I loved about knowing Atif in these weeks is that, he is lovely, no airs, nothing of what one expects such great success to bring. I adore him for that. Hes amazing and a great performer. Haroon Shahid is another awesome artist.. soon you will hear for yourself” added Sen.

Mahua Sen is a great artist and can produce best of the sounds while working with artists like Mekaal Hasan. You can check out two of her tracks here.

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