Pakistan Muslim League – Quaid (PML-Q) leader Marvi Memon resigned from her party and the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Memon read out her resignation to the media outside the National Assembly in Islamabad.

Memon read out a lengthy resignation, charging the PML-Q of failing to correct the “disastrous” course taken by the government and that it would fail to do so in the future.

She said that her party had decided to vote in favor of the budget and that she felt that resigning was the “honorable” thing to do since she did not believe in the party anymore.

“The government is out to protect vested interests,” she said.

Memon said that she had no intentions of joining any political party and would continue her struggle for the people via “the judiciary, on the roads and through other means”. She said there were other political parties working in the interest of the country and that everyone had to work together to save Pakistan.

The resignation can be read here.

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