Band: AAG
Song: Veeran


Haroon Sheikh – Vocals, Lead Guitars

Haroon Sheikh is a self-taught Vocalist/Guitar Player/Producer. Singing from the age of 3, Haroon always possessed the creativity and musical flair that is evident in AAGs sound. He started playing guitar at the age of 13 being inspired by early era Pakistani music, along with a huge selection of bands and artists.

Usman Sheikh – Drums

Usman Sheikh started playing drums as the age of 7. Jamming to nu-metal and punk rock bands such as Sum 41/Greenday, he later on gained a metal influence. He then developed a liking for Jazz/Fusion, and carries a major influence from Chad Wackerman and Vinnie Coliuta.

AAG was formed in 2005.

Fueled by the musical vision of brothers Haroon Sheikh and Usman Sheikh, AAG set out on a venture to create a new sound, the like thereof was never witnessed before. Their blend of Old and New, Eastern and Western, gives them their unmistakable signature sound.

The combination of catchy pop-esque arrangements, fused with the beautiful melodic nature of Pakistan’s rich, spellbinding eastern classical music, along with the epic rock n’ roll sound of the band ensemble captures the hearts and minds of the listeners. They are as memorable based on their sound as witnessed by their live performances.

The bands at times “earthy yet modern” sound has been praised by the greats of the Pakistani music industry and the International scene. Artists such as Noori, Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Arshad Mehmood, Shahi Hassan, Immu, Ahmad Butt (eP), Nori Bucci, Mashal Peerzada, Dino Ali, Imran Babar, Nighat Chaudry, Abbas Ali Khan, Shehzad Hameed, Haroon Rashid, Faraz Anwar, Asad Ahmad, Sameer Ahmad, co-Ven and countless others.

The band is led by front man “Haroon Sheikh”. As talented and creative an individual as can be, Haroon seeks to show the uniqueness of AAG’s sound and performance with his incredible song and lyric writing, distinct vocal style, mind-blowing guitar work, and arrangements that click. His vision is evident in the bands Production style and the nuances that show the different perspectives of his creativity.
As a graduate of the National College of Arts Lahore (NCA) with a degree in Filmmaking, he also explores the visual medium and its link with music. His skill as a Director/visual artist is made clear by AAG’s music videos, all of which he has directed.

The pulse of the band, Drummer/Producer “Usman Sheikh” is another vital part of AAGs sound. As a multi-instrumentalist and a virtuoso, his technical proficiency along with the ability to create memorable melodies is what gives AAGs sound its “Flowing” yet impactful nature. Also, his creativity as a percussionist is what gets the listeners’ heads moving and feet tapping, and indeed shows his imprint on AAGs sound.

With their sound, creativity, and their absolutely unmistakable image, AAG seeks to make a lasting mark on the Pakistani music industry, and the world of music as a whole.

Their first step in this venture clearly shows their ability to achieve such a feat. The release of their debut single “AAG” has governed them great success, a loyal and die-hard fan following, and critical acclaim. With regular airtime on all major radio stations, and T.V channels, spending weeks on all top 10s, “AAG” has no doubt become a Hit Single.

The band is currently in the studio, recording/producing their debut album.

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