Music to ZUJ is not a route to achieve stardom, music is his passion and thus from this young talented artist u can expect versatility in all his pieces, all very refined, and figments showing off his creativity, the magnitude of which is huge enough to drive him to keep on doing what he does best. Music (among many other things).

It was at the age of 15 when he discovered he had a knack for writing lyrics and composing songs, he performed on academic grounds and was praised for his wonderfully captivating vocals, music was a partner of his, through the good times and the bad during his childhood, spent mostly alone, and thus his great sense of independence.

At the tender age of 18 he was invited to join a band, for there were many that were drawn to his appealing voice. He soon realized his dreams were bigger than just playing for a limited crowd as a garage band-those that are appreciated, but forgotten as easily-he wanted to leave his mark, woo people, and sweep the Pakistani music industry off its newly grounded feet.

Although always having been praised for his talent, he faced many hardships when he decided to pursue music, but as strong willed as he is, he went ahead with it, and against all odds, his debut song phooklay(2007), made it as the OST of a fresh Pakistani movie zibbahkhana, something different from our usual lollywood productions. The song was a huge hit! People were left wondering who ‘ZUJ’ was, what ZUJ was, and what it was about.

He released a second video for phooklay soon after to show his self to the world and all those eager music fans waiting to get more of ‘ZUJ’. He became known, not as an artist, but as a phenomenon.

Then things went on from there, and our artist, worked on his album silently with Sarmad Ghafoor, with devotion, letting all the commotion of phooklay do the work while he planned on hitting bigger targets. Thus came bayrukhi(2009), a complete opposite package of composition, lyrics and feel. Now an OST to a bollywood movie.

There is indeed more to him than just Phooklay and Bayrukhi. This guy will bring about a new sound onto the airwaves. Music you can relate to,sounds clichéd? Yes, but unlike many whom use this statement but with a hollow main course, ZUJ shall feed your soul and musical appetite with his works of art, every piece a different taste but surely beyond exceptional. His product is not for a niche but for everyone, within and beyond borders.

You will all be shocked and appalled, in a good way. Guaranteed.

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