Hadiqa Kiani performed for the French Embassy in 2011, she sang many of her famous songs but through in a surprise as well…she sang in FRENCH! She left the Frenchmen standing in applause for Hadiqa’s excellent rendition of Edith Piafe’s La Vie En Rose. This ofcoruse was the first take without any preparation…The final version of the song(with music and 100% correct pronounciation) will be posted as soon as I find it. Hadiqa admits to us on her Facebook page (facebook.com/hadiqakianifb) that this first take had a few pronunciation errors which she perfected by the time for the real performance. Her French tutor was a Frenchman by the name of Anthony Couiliard who has worked for the likes of John Galliano of the Dior brand(think Rihanna at the grammys’s ;)) Hope you enjoy!

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