Artist: Omer Nadeem
Song: Yeh Kia Hua (Kishore Kumar)

Omer Nadeem is a singer/song writer/composer/musician and have officially released 2 videos world wide with Khiza (UK based Asian Producer) named as “Aey Khuda” and “Dil ka Diya” Respectively. In November 2010 his song “Thum Zara” in a mexican movie called “A Beautiful Wife” a.k.a “Spanish Beauty” was released in hindi featuring BARBARA MORI (KITES movie fame actress). Seems like Indian Music Industry has got another great voice and that is of Omer Nadeem. In December 2010 his duet with Sherya Ghoshal in “Sau Baar” for the movie “Yamla Pagla Deewana” starring Dharmendra, Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol got a massive response across the globe.

Omer Nadeem is now known as the voice that captures the song in such a manner that it makes you feel that it could not have been better than this. In past he has also worked with some of the major music acts of Pakistan.

Here is the Cover of “Yeh Kiya Hoa” of kishore da by Omer. Enjoy!

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