In the crowded mist of celebrities and stars especially so-called rappers rises a new moon, a lyrical weapon of mass destruction, Ali Kabeer. He emerges from the heart of Pakistan Punjab “L.H.R” hence the title Punjabi Rapper-

Ladies & gentlemen I introduce to you, the assault riffle of words, Ali Kabeer “ AK The Punjabi Rapper”

Inspired from the greatest teacher of all, life, Ali brings to the table what others don’t. Unlike other so-called “wanna be” G’s (Gangster Rappers) who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, Ali is a Self-made man who wasn’t born into wealth, but against all odds he fought and he wrote his on destiny. A true gambler who puts his words on the line and is not afraid of the consequences. Brave enough to standup to the man, Bold enough to speak his mind and tells it like he sees it.

AK The Punjabi Rapper has seen it all, done it all and been through it all. He is not politically correct. He is not scared of speaking his mind. AK raps about the dark side of society, the forbidden truth, the taboo practices, subjects so sensitive, which the society or rappers dare not touch even with a 10-foot pole. And to top it all with a sugar coating he does it with style. His rhymes are versatile, his music is loud, his words are bold, and his attitude is controversial. He is some one to be on the look out for in his genre.

Having lived a tough life, growing up in a tough neighborhood exposed him to the bitter realities of world at an early age, which worked to his advantage. This gave him vast variety of vocal ammunition at his disposal. This arsenal comes in handy when writing his lyrics. AK’s words are Funny, Taunting, Sarcastic, witty and true to core. That is why it is easier for people to relate to his songs, as if it is their story, he is telling.

You want to experience something new, something true, and something real. AK is your man. Others don’t set the bar as high as “AK The Punjabi Rapper” The one who is keeping it real and desi.

Bio written by Nouman Javaid for his brother from another mother AK the Punjabi Rapper …

Artist: AK The Punjabi Rapper
Songs: Boom This Party / Watch Out

Record Label : Maann Productions
Produced, Mastered & Mixed By Imran Khalil
Lyrics and Composition by AK The Punjabi Rapper
Audio Production @ Maann Studios
Genre : RAP & HIP-HOP

Members :AK

Manager: Mr.Imran Khalil

Voice: +92-322-829-4130
Hometown: Lahore
Record Label: Maann Productions
General Manager : Mr.Imran Khalil +92-322-829-4130 :
Press Contact : Mr.Mashhad Jafri +92-321-480-4638

Message :

First of all i would like to thank Allah then my family for their support and then my Big.B Mr.Imran Khalil for always being there by my side as a big brother and believing me for whatever I’m doing, A special thanks to Mr.Shajeel Jalal, Nouman Javaid, Jawad Ali”VMRUL”, Majid Ali”Xiphias”, Muhammad Junaid Shehzad and Sohail Basil for their guidance and for always being there THUMBS UP Fo Ma Homies .. And a Great Shout for all those Producers, artists who were talking shit against me but now they are running behind my under size for collaborations’ Thanks Guys for giving me the fire to burn my flame SO Here we GO again !!!

AK The Punjabi Rapper – Watch Out with lyrics (Download Audio)



AK The Punjabi Rapper – Boom This Party with lyrics (Download Audio)




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  1. both trackx are just to good finally some real hip hop and rap is comin outta pak . best of luck to this guy AK


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