Irtaash was formed back in November 2001 when the band performed for the first time on stage with Yasir Jaswal on vocals, Farooq Shah on lead guitars and Kaiser on rhythm guitars and a computer playing the bass and drum beats. Irtaash played their first ever single Kaali Raatien and received a lot of applause from the crowd. The band made its initial recordings at Grey Matter Studios Islamabad. The song made Irtaash popular; Kali Raatien was everywhere, on Radio and the Internet. It was the most requested song on FM 101 in 2002 and remained in the top ten song for 08 straight weeks in a show called High Voltage on FM 101. Later it also made it big on other radio stations.

Almost after a year of Irtaash, Kaiser left for higher studies abroad and Umer Sohail replaced him on Rhythm Guitars. Soon Talha (Bass Guitar) and Ali Nadeem (Drums) joined Irtaash and the band line-up was complete.

* Irtaash started to storm audiences everywhere and soon became a big name in the underground scene of not only Islamabad but Pakistan. The Band released another melodious demo song called “Khauf” in summer 2006 which received almost 60,000 downloads in one month.



Later that year (2006) Irtaash released the video of “Kali Raatien” Directed by Zeeshan Parwez. It was aired on all major music channels of Pakistan and brought even more miracles for the band.

By 2006, Irtaash started work on its debut album at S & M Studios Islamabad (Sarmad Ghafoor). By the end of 2006 Farooq Shah (Lead Guitarist) decided to go abroad to pursue his studies.By 2008 Ali Nadeem (Drums) also went abroad to pursue his studies. Between 2006-2010 Irtaash performed with various touring members like Fahad Khan (Guitars , Waqas Naeem(Guitars) , Wasim Kamal(Drums) ,Asfandyar Khan (Drums) & Tabbish Mehmood (Drums).

In 2009 Irtaash released the video and single of its track “tu nahien” .It was the No 1 Song on AAG 10 (Aag TV) for 8 weeks straight, apart from being in various other Music Charts at several channels. The video was direct by Soheb Akhter.

In 2010 Irtaash released another video of its track “Hum Nasheen” . The video and song were another instant hit. The video “one if its kind in Pakistan was made by maestro Zeeshan Parwez” .

One of Irtaash most awaited singles “Shab Dhalay” was released online in early 2011. The was very well received by fans. By March 2011 Ali Nadeem and Farooq Shah returned from this studies abroad and rejoined Irtaash. With the original Line-up back, Irtaash is all set to release its debut album “Kala Safaid Aasmaan” in May 2011.

Irtaash is,

Yasir Jaswal – Vocals

Farooq Shah – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Umer Sohail – Lead/Rhythm Guitars

Muhammad Talha – Bass

Ali Nadeem – Drums

Since March 2005 Irtaash has been managed by Sinner Productions.
For Concerts Call Ureed Akbar 0322-9702107


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