Omer Nadeem Interview in Daily Times[newspaper]
1. How was your experience of ‘Sau Baar’ for Yamla Pagla Deewana? How did this opportunity come along?

Ans: The experience was in total contrast to what i have done before as it was a much more professional step in a very professional market. The public across the border was very appreciative of the song and my voice. Here as well the song’s popularity is increasing. I have released two other videos “Aey Khuda” and “Dil ka dya” as well which is known by quite a lot of people. These releases did wonders for me as my voice clicked for the music director of “Sau baar” Mr. Sandesh Shandilya who has added some major hits in the music industry like “Piya basanti re”, an album ‘ustaad and divas’, score of the movie ‘Kabhi khushi kabhi ghum’ and ‘Chameli’ and the song from ‘Jab we met’ called ‘Aao ge jab tum saajna’. He also really liked the expression i gave the song through my voice. The YPD team invited me to dubai to record the track.

2. How would you rate Sherya Goshal as a professional?

Ans: Well, she is known as ‘The Queen of Melody’ in india. That says it all.

3. Would you like to tell us a little about ‘the Spanish Beauty’? and your part in it as a musician?
Ans: This project was quite different for me as no one here has done a song for a Mexican movie as far as i know and the song ‘Thum Zara’ is pretty unique as well. This was more of an exploration of my own potential as i dont want to restrict myself as an artist and my music. Its been pictured on Barbara Morie who is a famous actress from Kites and i believe that in itself is an achievement.

4. Of late, you’ve been doing more of international projects. So how does it feel? Keeping the current Pakistani scenario in mind have you ever felt that people are prejudiced towards you because you’re a ‘Pakistani’?
Ans: Its not that i am only interested in international projects or that im working for other countries. I am working on my album alongside the projects im getting, and that album will be released in Pakistan InshAllah. It will also be released in other countries as well. Even the foreign projects i did are actually for my people in Pakistan. Its just very unfortuante that due to the highly corrupt and unprofessional media of Pakistan I had to do international projects to get recognition.Its very sad that despite the fact that i am a Pakistani artist living in Pakistan, im getting recognition from the UK and India and yet still our media is acting like a sleeping cow. It is a request to all Pakistanis, kindly learn to give respect to our artists for their work.

5. When will your album be out? What, according to you, is the distinctive ingredient in your album which will make you album stand out?
Ans: It will be released this year inshaAllah and well i dont really want to answer the second part of the question, all i can say is that it is MY album and that is what might make it different from all other albums.

6. As a relatively newcomer, how would you comment on our music industry? How easy or difficult is it for a new entrant to make their place?
Ans: Well to be very honest i am not a newcomer at all. Its not your fault that you consider me a newcomer, its the media’s. Unfortunately our music industry has got some uncanny resemblence to our political parties. There is favouritism, leg pulling, lobbies, mafia, you name it. Due to such nuisance there is no air time nor any recognition to and artist’s achievements or anything of that sort. A person struggling in a Pakistani media is a person who stands alone. The media wont promote as ironic as it sounds. They might use you, but never promote you. All the newcomers have to face is politics. It is such reasons that make it hard for the new entrants to make their place.

7. Are there any people in particular you’d really like to thank for supporting you in this industry?
Ans: As far as this industry is concerned, Khiza is the person i’d like to thank who is just like my elder brother. Other than that there is my mother who has always been my strength pushing me to work hard and never give up, and then my sisters for being really supportive and last but not the least all of my fans for being a great motivation to produce better music in the future.

8. Ever experienced backstabbing in your career? (You don’t need to write names, but you might want to elaborate the incident).
Ans: Lol, well i dont think there has been more backstabbing in any Pakistani artist’s history. The last ten professional years of my life are filled with nothing but that and my earliest fans know that very well and its better if i dont recall anything here.

9. Which song of yours will you never get bored of listening?
Ans: I get bored of every song whether if its mine or not but i guess i still like my song ‘Hadh se guzar jaaney dou’ which i recorded way back in 2004 when i was 15. Maybe because that was the first track i had recorded in my life.

10. Have you made any bloopers as a newcomer? How did you learn to come over them?
Ans: Naah, i dont think i have made any bloopers. But i would like to announce something to all the ‘event organizers’, when you have cash in your pockets, do call me for the shows.

11. What makes a musician complete?
Ans: It can be anything. Every individual is different in their own special way and so everyone has a different requirement to meet. As far as im concerned its a connection with Allah, different experiences at different stages of life, your soul, your love, your broken heart, your moments, your vacation, your special place or anything crazy you are expecting me to say.

12. Who would you credit for your success?
Ans: Allah, my mothers’ prayers and myself.

Courtesy : Omer Nadeem Official Website

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