Bilal Khan a new but awesome talent in pakistani Music industry, LUMS graduate youngster started his musical career in 2010 after releasing his song worldwide through youtube. His debut song “Bachaana” was the best song of 2010. PMR team interview this brilliant singer here you go with his interesting short but completely confident answers!

PMR. How many winters have you seen? Where did your creation take place and what is your Sign of Zodiac?
Bilal Khan: I’ve seen 24 Winters i.e. 4th October 1986..Born Lahori and Libran 😉

PMR: Your qualification?
Bilal Khan: Well i think i am “An uncertified but very certain musician”.

PMR: Music industry and Bilal. How did this happen?
Bilal Khan: A good song was the key to open the unlocked door to this wide horizon of music.

PMR: What was the attitude of your parents towards your attitude for music?
Bilal Khan: They supported me from every aspect possible. It is because of their very support that now I am someone, and in future I can never forget to thank them and ofcourse Allah .. for where I will be in future. They’ve always appreciated whatever I did.

PMR: Did you expect the track `Bachana ’to be equivalent to that of the track `Aadat’?
Bilal Khan: I didn’t keep any expectations because expectations usually ends up things disastrous. All we can do is to beautify our song as possible and put up the masterpiece and the rest is your luck.

PMR: Where did you first hit the stage? What was the response “Bachana” got?
Bilal Khan: It was in Lahore Grammar School, where girls started singing and that was a sense of achievement for me.

PMR: Will we hear Bilal Khan’s fast-beat tracks or just simple melodic compositions?
Bilal Khan: “Taqdeer” and “Taaray” are fast-beat tracks, that are already out with many more to follow.

PMR:Under what music genre should your fans categorize you?
Bilal Khan: Pop I suppose.

PMR: Who is your inspiration in music industry?
Bilal Khan: There are so many but I think every one who writes a song and that I can relate to.

PMR: Is your album complete? When is it going to be on the shelves of the market?
Bilal Khan: Yes the album is complete and its called “UMEED”. It will hopefully be coming out really soon and INSHAALLAH you will like it as well.

PMR: Which song`s video would be aired on televison screens?
Bilal Khan: I am still deciding on that to which song should I select for a Video. 🙂

PMR: What is the sustenance factor for a person to possess in this industry?
Bilal Khan: Great songs. It’s all about the songs. All the emphasis should be on songwriting, the rest just takes care of itself.

PMR: What are your future plans/projects?
Bilal Khan: I am making my debut on Coke Studio Season 4 on the First episode. On the first episode I am singing my song called “TOU KIA HUA”. It going to be on air on May 22nd.

Click Here To Download – Tou Kia Hua

PMR: Okay! So now, after this.. what do you think of us? (PMR) lol
Bilal Khan: I think PMR has been great. It has supported me from the start whether putting out concert footage or pictures or spreading my music. PMR has been great for musicians on the internet.

So here we are with another conclusion, PMR team wishes him success and good luck on his upcoming album and of course Coke Studio 4. All the Best Bilal! =)

Interview by:
Tayyaba Khushi

Edited by:
Faryal Ahmed

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